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Hassle-Free 2 Year Touch-up Guarantee

Most projects are covered by our Hassle-Free 2 Year Touch-up Guarantee.

The majority of peeling and blistering occurs on underneath layers from previous applications, often peeling down to the bare surface. This type of peeling would normally be excluded in both contractor and paint manufacturers’ warranties. Our Hassle-Free 2 Year Touch-up Guarantee is different. This covers any peeling, blistering as well as other workmanship issues on the surfaces that we painted, with very few exceptions. Along with our warranty, our owners have combined for over 45 years working on both the manufacturing side and the application side of the painting business. Owners Zach and Doug served many years as field representatives at Sherwin-Williams, where a large part of what they did was diagnose and come up with solutions for peeling and other paint failure issues. What does this mean for you? If you hire us for your project, you are not only receiving our quality workmanship and exceptional customer service – you have our team of painting experts backing your project up for 2 years, should any issues arise.

Warranty Extension – After the 2 year period has concluded, we offer a reduced-rate touch up service for years 3, 4 and 5. This service is billed to the exact man hours spent touching up, no matter the size or extent of the touch ups, avoiding our normal “minimum project” charge.

Additional Information / Fine Print

  • Excludes abnormal wear and tear of surfaces
  • Excludes areas affected by wood rot or water damage beyond normal rain and weathering
  • Excludes damage or defects caused by fire, flood, hail, acts of God, extreme weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond the control of Pinpoint Painting
  • Maximum of 1 touch up per 12 month period
  • If there is no leftover paint from the original project application, any additional paint needed to perform the touch-ups is included in the warranty
  • Warranty applies to residential projects only
  • Warranty is void if final invoice is not paid-in-full
  • Warranty is void if customer purchases own paint and materials


  • Decks & Porch Floors (Horizontal Surfaces) – 6 Months
  • Garage Floors – No Warranty
  • Pools, Fountains and any other surfaces that get submerged in water – No Warranty
  • Roof coatings – No Warranty


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