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Over the years Vinyl Siding has become one of the most popular siding choices. However, like any other type of siding, a fresh paint-job can give your home an entire new look. At Pinpoint Painting we can repaint all types of vinyl siding using our special Vinyl Safe paints. These types of paints are specifically designed to be applied to vinyl or other specialty products such as Azek. Failing to use Vinyl Safe paints on siding can result in severe damage to trim pieces that can result in the need to fully replace siding. Our experts have in-depth knowledge on repainting vinyl siding. Prior to repainting, we thoroughly clean all surfaces and remove any dirt, algae, and other contaminants. After the siding is clean and dry, we apply two coats of your desired colors. Call the experts at Pinpoint Painting of Ohio today for a consultation and to have your project completed the right way!

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